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Yoga Retreat in Crimea

JULY 21-30, 2018 



 #Yoga-retreat in Crimea 2018 

 Do you practice yoga and like to discover new places around the globe?
ॐ Are you willing to take a break from your routine and go for an adventure?
ॐ Are you looking for inner silence, peace and inspiration?
ॐ Are you nature lover and dreaming to get closer to its raw beauty?
ॐ Do you care for being in the community of like-minded people?

Then you will love this incredible and exciting opportunity we are here to offer you.How about getting lost in the wild forest, by the river, surrounded by beautiful mountains for 10 days to go within, to practice yoga every morning, meditate, elevate your energy and connect with your true essence?
There you will:
- Get new experience, insights and realizations
- Get know yourself from new sides
We invite all Yogis and Yoginis and everyone who wants to open yoga world for themselves.



Facilitators of the Retreat:

Andrey Dorogin

The Founder and manager of Yoga Club and spiritual growth "Om", a traveler, Hatha Yoga instructor. He is practicing Yoga since 2010, teaching experience since 2013. Teaching group and individual practices.

Main focus in his practice is working with consciousness, meditative immersion, adjusting the tuning of perception, building the way of life and relationships with the World.

Zhanna Svyrydova

Certified RYT 200 Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga teacher. Practicing Yoga since 2012. Completed her Teacher Training in India, Rishikesh.
Zhanna believes that each living experience takes us closer towards our true selves, towards learning absolute love and joy.
Her greatest passion is to create the space for people where they can enter inner silence, depth, infinity, self-realization and liberation.

Eduard Lukashov

ॐ Certified RYT Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga teacher

ॐ Founder of Yoga Studio "BlagoDar" (Sevastopol)
ॐ Organised and guided a lot of Yoga workshops, seminars and intense practices
ॐ Was learning from following teacher:
- Nikolay Visochanskiy (Complex Yoga Institute)
- Reinhard Gammenthaler (Kundalini Yoga parampara)
- Mark Darbi (Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga)
- Andrey Butakov (Yoga Sanga)
- Vinay Kumar (Indian Yoga institute, prana-vashiya metodology)

Daily Schedule:

7:00-9:00 - Morning Practice
9:30 - Breakfast
10:00-15:00 - Free time, workshops, hiking, bath in the mountain river, personal practice
15:00 - Lunch
18:00-19:30 - Evening Practice
20:00 - Tea

Morning Practices will include activating exercises and pranayamas, joint gymnastics, asana practice from Hatha yoga and Yoga 23, strengthening exercises, various yoga complexes.


Theory and practice of Hatha Yoga. Yoga Breath:


- clarification and correctness of various types of pranayamas;

- the technique of performing pranayama in accordance with the visualizations;

- sequence of actions when performing pranayam in complexes;

- compatibility of movements of parts of the body and breathing (bandhi, drishti, kriya);

- the use of various techniques of pranaymas and introduction of those techniques in the complexes of yoga gymnastics.


Theory and practice of Hatha Yoga. Asana.

- safety during back bending postures;

- effective complexes.


Evening Practices: Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, pranayamas, meditations, including Vipasana techniques, Anapanasati, Mantra chanting, discussions.


Retreat includes following sessions:
- Seminar "Conscious/Mindful Eating" with practical implementation throughout entire retreat;
- Conversations/talks on various themes like finding true "Me", consciousness, state of fulfillment and contentment, raising energy vibration etc; 
- "The Embodiment of Trust" practice, or life with closed eyes, an opportunity of deep immersion into a new state of being and feeling for 1 or more days;
- "Sadhu-Om" Practice
- Poing Workshop
- Organised Hiking in mountains



"The Embodiment of Trust" practice is probably one of the most serious practices in the retreat program. It is serious in sense that it has a potential of very strong, deep influence on consciousness and perception of the one who is doing it. Usually this is a practice for a couple. One person (called "unseeing") is blindfolded during entire practice. The other person is the Guide of the "unseeing" one. Under certain circumstances it can be more than one guide and they can shift one another. Time frame for being blindfolded can start from 30 minutes. And of course this time is being spend in a very active way according to the daily schedule.
The specialty of this practice is that it can go along with almost all the rest of daily practices during the retreat.
Great and interesting experience is gained by both participants, especially when they change their roles next day.

For our participants who want to gain new experience we recommend to do this practice not less than 1 full day. And most importantly the best result is happening when this day will be lived in a very active way unless there are real obstacles for that.

1. Seeing with Ears.
The voice of the guide and his hand are two main anchors to which you are holding so tightly during the first minutes as if all your life depends on it. But slowly panic leaves, breath stabilizes and you start seeing with sounds: a dog passed by near, girls speak nearby, you hear sound of the wind in the tree leaves. Yes, you can hear all these sounds in usual state but you don't pay so specific attention to each of them and they become simply one general noise in daily life. And now you don't have any other choice but to be super attentive and receptive to each sound, where you can find new charming beauty and meaning.

2. Seeing with Feet.
Here under your feet is the solid ground, then the earth, after soft grass, stones... And at the same time there is so helpful comments of your guide: "Keep attention, one step up/down", "Now we will walk on the sand" etc. But also after some time you start seeing with your...feet. You start feeling what is under your feet and gain more confidence with each next step. And at one point your steps and information received through your feet become more important that the hand of your guide.

3. Seeing with Hands.
Each receptor, each nerve ending on your palms become the continuation of your eyes. Tips of the fingers are drawing in your mind the shape of the buildings, things, trees...
It is the tips of your fingers that give you image of details, sizes and temperature. And this information becomes the foundation for your mind to analyse, to take the final decision on how this thing looks like. A coldness of a stone, a warmth of a tree, details of a surrounding - all the knowledge comes to you through a "tactile vision".

These are valuable effects and highlights in this practice:
- Sensitization of ordinary channels of perception;
- Awakening of intuition, activation of unusual ways to receive information;
- Letting go of some usual patterns and believes;
- Realizing and accepting what prevents you from living life you want;
- Work on unconscious fears, doubts and anxiety;
- Tapping into hidden energetic reserves and receiving the answers to the most important inner questions from your "Higher Self"
And finally "unseeing" one is learning to trust himself, his instincts, feelings and inner vision. He is learning to trust the partner, feels the true value of his care and guidance, develops his level of acceptance of all that is happening around, fully trusting the Universe and Mother Earth.
The "Guide" is learning to take full responsibility for security and comfort of his partner, spending time in uncontional service.

All additional instructions will be given during the practice in the retreat.


"SADHU-OM" Practice
It is very deep, transcendental practice which includes a group long-time chanting of sound "om", practice of concentration on highest energetic centers and meditation on a board "Sadhu" (board with nails).

The outcomes and effects from this practice:
- In the process of this practice appear and get released physical and mental blocks and tensions, arises inner peace, happiness and love. It takes practitioner to more joyful life, supports his health and helps to practice meditation.
- Expansion of physical and emotional ability to go through painful and difficult situations.
- Strengthens the will and the power of intention.

The practice takes place in the group of 16 participants or more. There are 2 circles: large outer circle where people are sitting on the mats & chanting mantra "om", and smaller inner circle where people one by one come out and stand on the boards "Sadhu".
Co-singing of sound "OM" is starting 15 minutes prior to the beginning of standing on the board and continues throughout entire session. This allows to align and tune in to the state of peace, inner silence and harmony. There might be involved some ethnic instruments as well which will assist deeper immersion into meditative state of mind.
Group chanting helps to attune with surrounding space, step out from routine circle of thinking and to feel the oneness with all.

It's important to notify that there is no limit of staying on the board. You can stand on it for couple of seconds to one hour or more. Thanks to simultaneous use of several boards "Sadhu" the process is not lingered by prolonged meditation on nails by one of the participants. When everyone has completed the practice, the final stage begins - meditation in silence.

Additional information:

OM-CHANTING - is ancient healing technique which was used by ancient Rishi and it was returned to the world from Himalayas to help people to restore inner balance in humanity and on the planet. 
On individual level this technique can balance on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Emotions get released and inner peace expands, along with sense of joy and unconditional love. It takes us to more joyful life, supports our health and helps to practice meditation.

"SADHU" board - is multi-functional practice which helps to improve physical health and to clear consciousness, release blocks and tensions and reinforces the intentions. Standing on the nails rejuvenates pelvic organs, intensifies intuitive perception, improves work of nervous system, creates internal qualities of persistence & perseverance, removes many fears sometimes even from early childhood, shifts perception of yourself and your inner abilities.

As practice shows with people who regularly practice standing on board "Sadhu", the benefits of this exercise are really great.
Practice allows you to overcome the fear that paralyzes the whole body from the kind of board that is full of sharp nails and, ultimately, to expand psychological freedom and gain a state of deep peace and confidence. In addition, the practice is aimed at overcoming the blocks, tension in the body and raising pain threshold. When complete relaxation is achieved, the pain from the body goes away and the hidden reserves of energy are activated, it has a strong therapeutic effect on the whole organism.

The principle of action: standing and lying on nails are ancient practices of alternative medicine, such as reflexology. Modern Russian analogues of the board with nails are Kuznetsov's applicator and Lyapko's applicator. With careful use all of these instruments do not hurt the skin - whether you stand or even lie down on them. The whole secret is in the pressure area. The main thing is to evenly distribute the entire surface of the back or feet over nails and not make horizontal movements.
Acute nails affect the reflex zones, stimulating the work of internal organs and improving blood flow. It is believed that such an effect rejuvenates, improves the functioning of the nervous system, helps release fears and anxiety, develops will, perseverance and intuition.
This practice is quite painful at first, but thanks to the right mood and energy of the group, it passes much easier and after it practitioner feels burst of vitality and vigor. There is an opinion that one minute standing on nails brings the body as much benefit as 15 kilometers of walking barefoot.
In addition, practice on the board "Sadhu" perfectly trains the ability to stay in the moment "here and now" and develops awareness.

The number of participants is limited due to capacity to accommodate people in the practice area (sphere). Therefore if you feel called to participate don't take too long time - book your spot now.

Early Bird price: $400 until 10th of April 2018
Regular price: $500 after early bird date ends

*This price includes transfer from and to the airport, accommodation in the tents, food and all the 10 days retreat program.
Not included: flight tickets, insurance and visa costs, additional personal expenses.

For booking contact Zhanna directly: PM: https://www.facebook.com/zhanna.swann
WhatsApp: +79788941560



Be sure to consider this list of things, especially if you did not have experience to live in nature for several days, and in your experience you still do not know what you might need:

- The tent. If you have a single-layer tent, then take a plastic wrap or an additional tent in case of rain

- Sleeping bag

- Yoga mat, foam mat for sleeping, foam for sitting

- Personal utensils (bowl, cup, spoon)

- Warm clothes (nights can be cold)

- Flashlight. Better the one you can wear on your forehead

- Yoga clothes

- Sunblock and mosquito repellent cream

- Means of personal hygiene. At least 2 towels, Swimsuit

- Comfortable closed shoes for hiking, slippers

- Sun Hats/Cap

- Lights Scarf or blindfold made of pleasant fabric for practice "The Embodiment of Trust". ALWAYS try the blindfold at home! It should be comfortable and not give light when looking down

- Notebook, pencil and pen

- Musical instruments


ADDITIONALLY. The following things are optional, but can add comfort to living in nature:

- Hammock. Choose an easy and compact one

- Folding chair

- Thermos/thermomug for tea

The space for tents in the yoga camp is among the pine trees, so there is an opportunity to find

a place for a hammock and a canopy. The main number of places for tents are shady enough, and there will be no need for canopy. The level of your accommodation will depend on your needs and the possibilities to take extra things with you.

Water for drinking is collected in a mountain river or there will be available bottled drinking water.